Warner Brothers is once again

Dec 08, 2000

Posted by bkdelongTLC

Warner Brothers is once again going after sites that may be diluting the Harry Potter trademark. This isn’t the first time that they have gone after a site. I’m guessing that since our domain doesn’t encourage actual dilution of “Harry Potter” they won’t be so quick to come after us. However they do have a trademark for “Leaky Cauldron.” We’ll keep you posted.

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Avatar Imagerebel says: WB when will you learn?Avatar ImageDolemite says: Haven't these people done enough?Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: Twits...Avatar ImageBrosia23 says: Thank goodness we dodged a bullet.Avatar ImageSmitch says: Well, now Leaky has a very good relationship wth Warner Bros, so it's funny they even have these posts still on the site.

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