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Jan 25, 2001

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Some more great Toy Fair 2001 News. According to Playthings Magazine, Mattel will be releasing Harry Potter Mini-Puzzles in Febuary and in March, “collector character dioramas (highly detailed 3D figures featuring scenes from Diagon Alley, Mirror of Erised, and Key Among All Keys – [which I’m guessing has to do with the Flying Key Challenge.])” A Runes Collectible Game in which kids can pretend to cast spells against each other will be available in May (the Religious Right will love that) along with games based on individual chapters from Harry Potter & The Sorcerer’s Stone. One such example of a “mini game” is this picture of “Lost in Gringotts Caverns”.

Also in Playthings, are pricing details of the Gund Harry Potter Plushes:

“The personalities from the Harry Potter books get the plush treatment from Gund, with six characters – Hagrid, Hedwig, Fluffy, Scabbers, Mrs. Norris and Norbert – being launched in the first line, with more to come later in the year. They will range from seven to 15 inches in size, with suggested retail prices from $14 to $48.”

Enesco also has a large ad in Playthings detailing what the new waterballs/snowglobes, cookie jars, character mugs, magic trinket boxes, door signs, and the Troll Battle collector’s figure will look like.

All great stuff with the Toy Fair still more than 3 weeks away. Stay tuned for more reporting and pictures as they come in.

(Note that these two pictures are copyright Playthings Magazine and Cahners, all Harry Potter graphics and titles are trademark Time Warner Entertainment, and product picture rights belong to respective companies Mattel and Enesco)

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