The Sunday Telegraph reports that

Feb 13, 2001

Posted by: bkdelongTLC


The Sunday Telegraph reports that Warner Bros. has not only bought the movie rights for the current 4 Harry Potter books but the 3 that have yet to be written as well. They also shed some light as to why it’s taken so long to produce the film and why we keep seeing pictures of stand-ins.

“Not only has Warner Bros bought the rights to produce films of all four of the existing bestsellers, it has also secured options to film the next three titles being planned by J K Rowling, which will mean a juicy seven-film contract for the actors.

It will also ensure plenty of work for younger actors: no fewer than 300 children are involved in the first film, with each having to be accompanied by a minder. But the restrictions placed on employing children make for a complex schedule: each junior actor is allowed to work a maximum four hours a day, with a compulsory 15-minute break each hour. “

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