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Feb 18, 2001

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I’ve been taking some time with a few of the “rumored” cast members in order to see if I can clarify them. In the case of Katharine Nicholson (allegedly playing Pansy Parkinson), I’ve found an article purported to be from a publication called the Preston Comit written by someone named Brittany Dymock. I can’t seem to locate any information about either the publication or the reporter. The article isn’t clear whether Preston refers to Preston Borough in Lancashire, England or the town of Preston in Victoria, Australia (as Nicholson is said to be a citizen of both countries).

There are two pictures floating around of Ms. Nicholson – one purported to be from her participation in a play called “Bad Seed”. I found reference to “The Burnside Players” in Burnside, Adelaide, Australia putting on “Bad Seed” last May (2000) with Katharine Nicholson playing the part of Rhoda – but that seems to be the only true lead since the Preston Comit article has been copied with no link to the original source. If anyone has details or can help sort out this confusion, email us at [email protected].

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