Pojo.com has a phenomenal review

Feb 27, 2001

Posted by: bkdelongTLC


Pojo.com has a phenomenal review of the Harry Potter Trading Card Game. We’ve gone over the details before, but this is the first time we see pictures including the Theme Decks like “Hannah Abbott’s Spellcaster” and “Dean Thomas’ Restrike”. Not much details as far as pictures go but it’s the most we’ve seen so far. Though I thought this was the most interesting item of the report:

Here is a closer look at the back of the Harry Potter Trading cards. One thing I thought that was different was that the Lightning Bolt on Harry’s Forehead is going sideways? This is different from the book cover! WOTC reps stated that the U.S. Book covers are wrong, and that the bolt is supposed to be sideways. …. Interesting…

Thanks to the Sylvan Lane Shoppe for pointing this out.

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