N.K. Stouffer, who claims to

Mar 06, 2001

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N.K. Stouffer, who claims to have used Muggle and Muggles before Ms. Rowling, appears to have secured a publisher and is republishing her books about the creatures “Muggles” and “Larry Potter” according to this BusinessWire press release. It’s interesting that she’s claiming a trademark on “Muggles” when according to the US Patent & Trademark Office, her trademark has not been approved or issued:

“A non-final action has been mailed. This is a letter from the examining attorney requesting additional information and/or making an initial refusal. However, no final determination as to the registrability of the mark has been made.”

None of the publishing companies Stouffer mentions has a Web site. You can find out more about Stouffer at her Web site which currently mentions licensing is available for “Muggles”. Surprising since she doesn’t own the trademark.

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