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Mar 13, 2001

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The San Francisco-Bay Area legal publication The Recorder took note that even judges like Harry Potter:

It was a throwaway reference, one easily passed over. Yet it stuck out like a sore thumb. In a convoluted case about the way the Internal Revenue Service taxes employers for their employees’ tips, Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Alex Kozinski was weaving through the reasons customers might leave larger tips if paying with a credit card than if paying in cash. “People paying in cash, however generous they may feel, are limited by the amount actually in their wallets and the need to keep some cash until their next visit to Gringott’s,” Kozinski wrote. Gringott’s? A posh L.A. eatery? A fancy new dance club? Nope. Gringott’s is the bank where all the wizards keep their money in the popular Harry Potter series of books. It’s hundreds of miles underground and guarded by demons. Just like the I.R.S.

You can read the case here.

Finding Hogwarts

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