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Apr 02, 2001

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Our faithful Sunday Express reader sent us this article of J.K. Rowling’s Astrology chart. I hope it’s better than Professor Trelawney would do:

Harry Potter author JK ROWLING has made a pot of money for her publisher, but a church in America is burning her books. What’s the subtext? BEVERLEY GLICK looks at her chart

J K Rowling born 31.7.65

Despite the fact that she had the royal seal of approval last week when the Queen revealed that her granddaughters were fans of Harry Potter, Joanne “JK” Rowling continues to suffer accusations that her books promote sorcery and witchcraft. Last week, members of the Harvest Assembly of God church in Pittsburgh burned her works, claiming they were “paranormal, things that are against God”.

This act of faith is unlikely to upset Leonine Joanne, a self-made woman who is a master of self-expression. With Mercury also placed in this dynamic Goblet of Fire sign, she is confident in her thinking, which she does on a large, vivid and dramatic scale. Leo is the sign traditionally associated with children and unbounded playfulness, which her writing clearly demonstrates.

However, Joanne has four planets in terribly modest Virgo, the shy, studious sign that makes for the perfect bookworm. Perhaps this is why her hero, Harry, is such a specky geek. This Virgoan energy gives her the ability to sustain an epic story over several books with clarity, precision and tremendous attention to detail.

The conjunction of Uranus and Pluto in Virgo is a generational influence, but its proximity to Joanne’s personal planets indicates that she has a talent in communicating archetypal themes – notably conquering the power of darkness. The Moon, which governs our instincts and emotional responses, conjuncts Uranus and Pluto too, giving her a love of the unusual, original and humorous, and a longing for all that is magical. Neptune in Scorpio helps her plumb the depths of her imagination. The closest aspect in Joanne’s chart is a harmonious trine between Saturn and Neptune, which speaks of her ability to find enchantment in the ordinary and make her fantasies real.

Transiting Neptune is currently in opposition to Joanne’s Sun in Leo and will continue to influence her chart well into next year. This is a double-edged sword: on a personal level she may find her physical vitality is undermined

and she must make sure she works with people she trusts.

On a public level, this neatly signifies Harry Potter’s move into the cinema (ruled by Neptune). The downside of such a transit is already in evidence with the public burning of her books in America. It won’t be the last time Joanne is accused of glorifying the occult.

There is a lot of planetary activity in Joanne’s chart in the coming year which points to a new cycle of growth for the Queen of Quidditch. She may find herself spending more time abroad as her personal wealth increases along with her international reputation.

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