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Apr 05, 2001

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The Harrisburg Patriot-News has an interesting Letter to the Editor regarding the Harry Potter book burnings by a church in Pennsylvania.

After reading the article (March 24), I couldn’t help but check the date on my paper, thinking it must have been from November 1938. The terrors and the atrocities of Kristallnacht cannot be compared to the actions of the Rev. George Bender and his parishioners, but the parallel was frightening.

Harvest Assembly of God’s demonstration of their devotion is protected under the Constitution. However, the sanctimonious pursuit of this group is dangerous. I take issue with some of the material they found objectionable.

If you are a person who adheres to the scriptures that the Earth was created by God, what logical explanation can Harvest Assembly of God have against New Age beliefs? New Age beliefs are those that celebrate and respect the Earth, mind and spirit.

If we are to believe that reading “Harry Potter” would turn its readers into a practitioners of black magic, I warn the parishioners of Harvest Assembly not to watch the “Wizard of Oz,” else they start dropping houses on each other.

Here we have books full of the innocence of a child’s imagination, and arguably an author blessed with a God-given talent, being distorted by biblical interpretive ranting that only serve one purpose — to confuse those who are afraid to grasp all that is before us.

Harvest Assembly has decided what is acceptable for them and possibly in God’s eyes. What is frightening is the fire they set to destroy these works can fuel a dangerous mind-set in people to decide what is righteous and who should cleanse us of what is deemed wrong by a misguided group.

Dan Stencovage, New Cumberland

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