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Jul 17, 2001

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Our reader Mellisa sent us the following article, that appeared in “Theatre Mask” magazine, Issue 23:

Editing and laying down the soundtrack are underway on “Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone”, and the film is due at a cinema near you on November 16. They’re planning a big preview party for the young people of the cast, including Emma Watson from Oxford who plays Hermione, but the time and place are still secret.

In Chamber of Secrets producers have already cast the parts of Colin Creevey, a first year boy in Gryffindor, Moaning Myrtle, a pupil at Hogwarts who died and now haunts the girls’ loos, Justin Finch-Fletchley, who was down for Eton until he discovered he was a wizard, and Tom Riddle, who seems to be nice but turns out not to be. Agents are looking to cast other new characters – when we hear the details, we’ll let you know about the auditions.

Finding Hogwarts

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