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Jul 30, 2001

Posted by: bkdelongTLC


A dedicated reader emailed us this image from AOL of Harry in his Quidditch robes. We also have a detailed picture of the upcoming action figure from Mattel of Harry dressed for Quidditch – a package which includes a snitch, his broom, a Quidditch hoop, and a collectible casting stone. We see Harry in a sweater of wide red stripes and thin gold ones. He also wears what resembles white horseback riding tights, and old-fashioned leather kneepads, shinpads, and elbow-pads seen in early games of American football and hockey.He is also wearing leather gauntlets with fingerless leather gloves and a loose red robe with a gold lining, stitched front, and hood. Just behind him in the movie picture, you can see the partial figures of the rest of his classmates. Be sure to click the action figure photo for a larger image.

Click for larger image
Upcoming Harry Quidditch action figure from Mattel and a photo of Harry in Quidditch robes from the Harry Potter movie found on AOL.

Update: Thanks to Chase for the AOL pictures.

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