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Sep 20, 2001

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Could it be that the Third Trailer has finally come out? Chrissy Jones says so:

In the middle of our first period class this morning, while they were showing Channel One, they showed what I think to be the third Harry Potter movie trailer. I didn’t realize it was on until someone said, “Aw, Harry Potter!” (you have to understand that a majority of kids that go to my high school are total and complete idiots), as I had turned back to finish my notes on the Attack on America.

It’s a combination of clips from the first trailer, and the second, with some new ones slipped in, and a new voice-over. We get to see our first shot of baby Norbert, blowing a bit of fire towards the screen, the troll following Hermione into the bathroom, and Hagrid asking them how they knew about Fluffy, and what I believe to be a shot of them taking off for a Quiddich game are the only clips that I can really remember (Hey, give me a break! It was 8:00 in the morning!).

They’ll probably be showing it tomorrow, so I’ll be sure to take notes on it instead! And unless you get a better view on what it’s about, I’ll be sure to send you all the details =)

Finding Hogwarts

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