Time Magazine has a Harry

Oct 30, 2001

Posted by: John Admin


Time Magazine has a Harry Potter cover story in the upcoming issue, that reveals a lot of interesting details about the movie – a must read. Here are the most important facts:

No Peeves in the movie: Rick Mayall’s part apparently did not survive the cutting room. Chris Columbus cut the Hogwarts’ poltergeist because “I wasn’t happy with the design, but we’re going to put him in the second film.” Also cut, Piers Polkiss, Dudley Dursley’s pal “to leave more time to solidify the tension between Dudley and Harry.”

Edited Norbert and Dursleys scenes: “Audiences will see Norbert hatch from his bowling ball-size egg and ignite Hagrid’s beard with fire from his nostrils. But the book’s subsequent sequence, in which a grownup Norbert is crated and carted away on broomsticks, alas, was never shot. Similarly, the Dursleys — Harry’s awful Muggle relatives — get far less screen time than they did page space.”

JK Rowling gave Alan Rickman and Robbie Coltrane precious bits of information about their characters’ futures. “There’s an awful lot revealed about Hagrid in book five,” says Coltrane, “and Jo thought it was important for me to know.”

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