The premiere should be ending

Nov 04, 2001

Posted by: Melissa Anelli


The premiere should be ending soon – us jealous ones who watched the premiere on the web got a few treats, like two scenes from the movie. One was the scene right before the letters start flying out of the fireplace at the Dursleys – there’s a very funny shot of owls covering the lawn of Privet Drive. The other is the Kings Cross scene – we see Harry ask the guard for help, then his first interaction with the Weasleys. We see Percy go right through the wall. After Mrs. Weasley tells him what to do, and tries to calm him down, Ginny squeaks at Harry: “Good luck!” I melted.

We also got interviews with almost all of the cast; all three of the trio kept repeating how nervous they were – and Daniel Radcliffe at first looked like he was dealing with all the pressure, then in a later shot looked as if he was going to have heart failure. Try not to fall in love with these kids, go ahead, try, we dare you.

BBC already has a news item up. (Thanks Phil)

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