Thanks UberReader Ashley, for a

Nov 05, 2001

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Thanks UberReader Ashley, for a play-by-play of the trailer (one of them):

[Shows Snape]Snape: Pay Attention!
Hermione flinches and looks up. Then the Warner Bros. Logo with the owl flying under it.
Narrator: Lesson Number One (“Lesson #1″ appears on the screen) Never be late for class.
Shows the scene of Hermione and Harry runing down the classroom, then the scene from Transfiguration call where Professor McGonagall transforms from a cat jumping off her desk to her regular human self walking over to Ron and Harry.
Narrator:Lesson Number Two (“Lesson #2″ appears on the screen) Keep all chocolate frogs indoors.
Shows a scene on the Hogwarts train where a chocolate frog is being opened and jumping out, then to Harry where he watches it jump out and land on the window. Then shows Ron.
Ron: Watch it!
Shows the chocolate frog jump out of the window, stoping in mid-air,and being blown away.
Narrator: Lesson Number Three (“Lesson #3″ appears on the screen).
Shows Dumbledore.
Dumbledore: And most importantly of all . . .
Narrator: Avoid mountain trolls . . .
Show the sceen where Hermione is steping away and the troll is walking towards her in the girls bathroom.
Narrator: Goblins with attitude . . .
Shows a Gringotts’ goblin looking over.
Narrator: And a three headed dog named Fluffy.
Show Fluffy waking and gettin gup in front of Harry, Hermione, and Pon. Then shows a side view of Harry, Hermione, and Ron getting ready to scream.
Harry, Hermione, and Ron: AHHHHHH! ( shows the front view of them screaming then running out the door.)
Shows the scene of the Slytherin and Gryffindor Quidditch match where two players almost crash into the stands.
Narrator: Any questions? (shoes Harry and Hermione in Snape’s class (I think), then Hermione raising her hand and Harry looking over at her.)
Hermione: OH! Eh! (show only Hermione rasing her hand and trying hard to be picked on).
Shows the Harry Potter title. While showing the date, it shows a club falling down, then shows the club hitting th mountain troll in the head. Then shows the troll stumbling and then falling down with Ron’t wand in its nose.

This is the one I saw. Thanks so much Ashley.

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