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Nov 05, 2001

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The Los Angeles Times has – as most newspapers today – several stories on Harry Potter in today’s edition. A very interesting article deals with Warner Bros. and Marketing:

Warner Bros. rejected numerous requests for “Harry Potter” star Daniel Radcliffe and other young cast members to appear in conventions and celebrity events, such as the appearance on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Though Warner is hosting two red-carpet celebrity premieres, one held in London Sunday and another in New York next Sunday, as well as an industry screening in Los Angeles without cast members Nov. 14, none of the events will include the usual glitzy parties.

The article also tells us that J.K. Rowling voiced objections to various merchandise products Warner Bros. has approved:

Over the course of their collaboration, “Harry” author Rowling voiced objections to certain products. She even protested some items in an e-mail that she asked to be shared with Warner Bros. President Alan Horn. One was a pair of modern-looking sunglasses with lightning bolts on the frame. Harry’s trademark glasses are round, old-fashioned-looking wire frames. Another item Rowling objected to were cookie cutters.

“She thought the merchandise mix contained some products that weren’t of Harry’s world,” Horn said. “We’ve tried to be respectful of her sensibilities, but at the same time, we’re a major media corporation with a job to do.” Warner obliged by nixing the sunglasses but kept the cookie cutters.

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