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Nov 06, 2001

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Wonderful reader Lia was nice enough to give us a play by play of that crazy new commercial, which she taped:

Start Commercial

The usual owls hooting as the WB sign turns into owls.

Voiceover: In a world few of us have ever imagined.

Scenes: First years sailing towards the Hogwarts castle at night. Draco and Harry in the Forbidden Forest. First we see them from a distance, then close up with Draco holding the lantern. The nails scraping down a (stone?) wall. Quirrel all shrouded (ie, you can’t see his face, but you know it’s him from the books). He’s raising his robed head from the unicorn. Very menacing. Then a shadow across a wooden floor. Then Harry whirling around in surprise. He’s at the library at night when he whirls around.

Voiceover: A dark force will be unleashed.

Scenes: A house with green light shooting out the windows. Presumably this is the death of the Potters. Then back to the forest. We again go from far away to close up. It’s the unicorn scene. We see Quirell hunched over the unicorn and then it shifts to Harry, who is horrified.

Then we see Ollivander in the wand shop with Harry. Ollivander speaks (and he looks very grim).

Ollivander: We do not speak his name.

Scenes: The chess scene. We see a large knight destroying another chess piece with his sword.

Voiceover: And only one wizard has the power to stop it.

Scenes: Harry in the wand shop again, this time when his wand chooses him. Then it’s Harry in his quidditch robes looking either scared or really nervous. Freeze frame of Harry and the snitch. Then we see the snitch fly away and Harry zooms after it. Shot of Snape looking thoughtful with Quirrel to his right. Then Hermione getting sucked into/surrounded by the Devil’s Snare. Then it’s the troll going after Hermione in the bathroom. Then we see a robed figure in the forest walking. Then more giant chess pieces destroying each other. Then one of Fluffy’s heads snapping at the trio (I think it’s the trio, I see red hair, so I’m assuming Ron) through a door. Then we have Hermione in the bathroom, with the troll again, I’m assuming. I don’t see the troll but I do see it’s a bathroom and that things are being destryoed by something big. All these scenes are going by really fast. Then we see Dudley extremely scared about something. He could be screaming. At least, I think it’s Dudley. I could be wrong. Then a really bizzare scene. I have no idea what this is. I’m guessing end of the movie. Harry has his arms extended and looks to be in pain. There is creepy smoke surrounding him, slightly gold colored. It could have that color though because of the fire burning on the right hand side of the screen. I can’t tell if the smoke is disappating, or if it’s going through him, or attacking him. I does have a shape of sorts. Maybe something to do with Voldemort. Then a very menacing shot of Hagrid, looking huge. Perhaps this is why Dudley is screaming?

Then we see Draco with the lantern again in the forest. He looks extremely frightened and is screaming.

Draco: *screams*

Then in a flash of lightening, the title of the movie comes up.

Voiceover: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Rated PG. Starts Nov. 16th.

Scene: The trio, on a stone floor. The are very small looking. This is because they are staring up at something huge which we don’t see. Perhaps Fluffy? Over this scene are the words The Magic Begins November 16th.

End Commercial

Just one comment: “In a world few of us have ever imagined?” Hey WB, seen the figures on Harry Potter lately? How about “In a world few people have not imagined?” But I digress.

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