Parselforce sent us a great

Nov 09, 2001

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Parselforce sent us a great review from the London screening of the movie, last night – click here to read it. Again, Rupert Grint is praised as the doing an excellent job:

Most of the acting was great – Ron IS the film, he’s brilliant – bloody brilliant – Hermione was pretty good too. Snape is fantastic, funny, hammy and deliciously evil. McGonagall was too old and failed to make much of an impression – I think the actress just thought that ‘playing a witch’ would be enough rather than this particular character. Hagrid was excellent, and one of the script’s few original accomplishments was to give him a catchphrase – ‘I shouldn’t have told you that’. In fact, all the kids are great, with one important exception…

Finding Hogwarts

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