“Rowling plots Harry Potter’s end,

Dec 23, 2001

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“Rowling plots Harry Potter’s end, via love and death” (from the Hindustan Times). Quotage:

“More people are going to die, and there’s at least one death that’s going to be horrible to write.”

Harry will develop more of an interest in Hermione too, one of his best friends. Rowling said there will be “more boy-girl stuff, inevitably. They’re 15 now, hormones working overtime. Harry has to ask some questions that I hope the reader will think ‘well why hasn’t he asked this before?’ “

Two from the Scottish Daily Record and Sunday Mail:

World going wild about Star Woolies.

World’s biggest Potter bootleg factory smashed.

From Scotland on Sunday: Curses on the killjoys who blame Harry Potter.

Finding Hogwarts

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