Digital Israel reviews the Harry

Dec 27, 2001

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Digital Israel reviews the Harry Potter CD-ROM game.

Church leaders in Australia used Harry Potter during their Christmas message sermons (from Ananova; thanks to “ITZRegina” for the link).

Dame Maggie Smith says since McGonagall is in all seven Harry Potter books, she is “looking at it as a sort of pension!” (from USA Today).

The secrets of filming the spectacular animal stunts in the Harry Potter film will be revealed in a TV documentary being shown 28 December (thanks to the harrypotter.intayside site for the link).

The Manchester Evening News is carrying an article on the secret power behind Harry Potter’s flying broomstick.

The Roanoke Times has a report on the changing of “Philosopher’s” to “Sorcerer’s” in the title of the first Harry Potter book and why it was most probably a mistake. (Note: The article seems to have been either moved or removed from the site, as the link is no longer working.)

Research by Norwich Union has shown that 60 percent of parents would consider sending their children to boarding school.

Finding Hogwarts

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