CNN reports that a Harry

Dec 28, 2001

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CNN reports that a Harry Potter “hateline” has been set up in Austria.

A Monmouthshire school teacher is believed to be the model for the “evil” Professor Snape in the Harry Potter books (from the BCC News).

It has been mentioned that Chris Columbus is playing phone tag with Ewan McGregor’s agent, trying to pin the Scottish actor down for the part of Remus Lupin in Prisoner of Azkaban. (Thanks to everyone who pointed us to the news on The Usher.) Another article on this possible casting can be found here.

Debate continues over Harry Potter; or “Christian Muggles Mixed On Potter Stories” (from the Amarillo Globe-News).

A columnist for The Roanoke Times states that the objections to Potter series are perplexingly laughable.

Finding Hogwarts

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