Okay, here are the poster

Aug 21, 2002

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Okay, here are the poster pics, big and beautiful. Richelle, we owe you. The rest of you – have fun crashing our server…

Harry all windswept
Harry all big
Run, Harry, Run!
Harry in the Chamber
Harry doing the deuling
Harry and a Snitch
Harry and Ron looking like something’s up
Harry, Ron, Fang, Forest
Big cutie Ron (I still love him!)
Lockhart’s class – oh, would you just LOOK at Ron’s face…
Ew, Polyjuice!
Crabbe and Goyle (Ron and Harry in disguise?) looking very happy
Malfoy at ease, the little bugger
Hermione cooks some Polyjuice
Hermione looking studious, for a change
Ron and the broken windshield (this one’s still small – lost the big one)
Hermione all big and pretty
Hermione and Susan Bones in class
The trio looking very much like a trio, in Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom.

I didn’t add the big ones of Hagrid and Dumbledore and McGonagall – they’re all pics from last year.

Finding Hogwarts

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