Thank you Jen, for pointing

Sep 26, 2002

Posted by: Melissa Anelli


Thank you Jen, for pointing out that in this picture of the duel, we see Percy and a blonde Penelope, standing together. Chris Rankin, on a forum on his official site, confirmed by saying: “That’s me and Gemma [who plays Penelope], and yes, I’m holding her arm in a ‘protective way’ (Draco’s just casting his spell, so I’m ready to leap infront of her at a moment’s notice – like that gallant WIMP that Percy is)”.

Oh, come now, Chris, that’s a little like Rupert saying Ron’s not that brave. Those Weasleys are not in Gryffindor for nothing – I think we’re all pretty sure that Percy would throw himself in front of that spell at the swish of a wand.

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