I’m going to wax a

Oct 22, 2002

Posted by: Melissa Anelli


I’m going to wax a little sentimental for a minute here, so bear with me. We’re working on the interviews from today and will have them up as soon as our webbed legs can carry us. But first, a note.

Being a part of the press event was a milestone for this site, and I want to be sure that WB knows the extent of our appreciation. We all do this site in our very sparse free time, and thanks to all our lovely readers, we are never at a loss for information. But we also have to slog through all of this information and try to only post what is correct and accurate, or post what’s out there with clarifications and/or warnings, and that takes a lot of effort. To be recognized by the WB for trying to act as a genuine press outlet instead of simply a fan site has been incredibly validating – to us and, we hope, to our readers. We do this site out of love for Harry Potter and the belief that entertainment and old-fashioned goodness still can go hand-in-hand; obviously, that has come through at some level, and we’re glad for it. It’s a special magic to be able to hang on to your enthusiasm, to fight being jaded, and Harry Potter provides us with that spark.

I also had the extreme pleasure of meeting the Radcliffes – Daniel and his father and mother – after the junket, at MTV. I wasn’t going to post anything about it here, but I wanted to report what an absolute gentleman Daniel really is, and how very nice his parents are, and how their love for their son shines right on through. It was a truly special, if hectic day – and I just wanted to share that happiness with our readers.

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