Interviews with David Heyman, Chis

Oct 23, 2002

Posted by: Melissa Anelli


Interviews with David Heyman, Chis Columbus, Dan, Rupert and Emma have been uploaded, again with much thanks to Counting Down for giving us backup tapes.

Our interviews with David Heyman and Chris Columbus were done at a roundtable, with about 15 other journalists. The Dan, Rupert, Emma transcript is from a press conference almost all print journalists at the event attended – we’ve marked which questions I asked. Here are what, I think, are some highlights.

David Heyman:

How much is Ms. Rowling involved in the film? Did she sell the rights, or are there stipulations?

DH: There are no stipulations other than my promise to her. I made a promise to Jo before I optioned it that I would do everything in my power to make sure they were faithful to the books. So I’m a man of my word, and that’s important. Second, the very fact that the books have been so successful encourages fidelity and responsibility. And third, Jo is the most wonderful collaborator. She’s not a person who says no, you can’t do this. She’s incredibly reasonable and very clear. And the thing that’s most important, one of the things that’s most important to us, is we don’t want to jeopardize book seven.

Chris Columbus:

What was the hardest part to direct?

CC: I think the hardest part to direct for Dan and myself was Dan’s interaction with Dobby because he didn’t have anyone in the room. He was basically acting with a little green ball at the end of a stick, and I wanted to avoid – I don’t want to use the name of any other CG characters, but we had a mantra on the film that we didn’t want to be like a certain other CG character, an extremely annoying character, but I’m not telling you who it is, so you can’t nail me. But this other character really affected us in a bad way.

Dan, Rupert and Emma

*TLC*: Can you predict one thing you think will happen to each of your characters in the books?

EW: She will do something really clever, like she’ll be a doctor or something, or she’ll be really academic.

DR: Does it have to be my character?

*TLC*: It can be anything you want.

DR: I think these two [points at Emma and Rupert, i.e. Hermione and Ron] are going to get together. That’s my prediction.

WB Rep: Well Rupert, what do you say to that?

RG: Yeah, that’s what I was going to say as well. I was going to say hope they don’t fall for each other. [said in very ‘teenager, grossed out by love’ way.]

*TLC*: But do you think they will?

RG: Yes.

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