TLC’s Interview Question on CNN News

Oct 24, 2002

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Thank you Allison, for this email!:


Ok, they didn’t give you credit (unfortunately) but I was just watching CNN headline news and there was a one minute blurb that showed a couple shots of the CoS film (the snowing Great Hall and the “Chamber has been opened” paint on the wall) and the anchor said something to the effect of: “The actor who plays Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliff thinks that JK Rowling will make the characters Ron and Hermione a couple later in the books.” That was actually the only thing they mentioned! The whole spot was your interview question!

Usually the headline news just goes in round the entire day (they replay the same clips over and over) so if you guys watch maybe you can see it too! I’m going to go back to watching myself and see if I can get the wording more precise.

Wow I’m so excited and I’m not even part of the website…just a long time visitor…

Oh,but we love our longtime visitors. Thanks so much for pointing that out! If anyone has it and can send it, I personally would be grateful forever. :-)

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