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Oct 24, 2002

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Website Latino Review has posted three pictures from the recent press conference.

The Daily Record is carrying exerpts from an interview with Daniel Radcliffe. Quotage: “My two favourite scenes are probably the chamber of secrets and in the duelling club. It was a real challenge for me to actually act in that scene because there’s a bit of Parcel Tongue [sic] in it, which is a completely different language. I love the scenes in the Great Hall where there are loads of people – those are always fun.” (There’s also a — hopefully inaccurate — mention of a scene in the film where “Daniel [loses his arm] in a killer chess game. He has to have a prosthetic arm before his arm grows back.”)

“Like magic the doors flew open and there they were: dozens and dozens of gleaming copies of the latest Harry Potter novel just begging to be picked up. The students and kids (with parents in tow) rushed in, their eyes wide at the site of the long-awaited treasure – ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’ freshly translated and printed. Many had waited all night for Wednesday’s Japan release of the book by J.K. Rowling. Kumazawa Shoten, in front of JR Hachioji Station in western Tokyo, was happy to accommodate with a special 5 a.m. opening. But the fun was just beginning …” (From The Asahi Shimbun.)

Thank you to everyone who wrote in to tell us about the “Harry Potter preview” airing this evening on Entertainment Tonight.

Finding Hogwarts

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