Re: Harry’s “nude stalker.”

Oct 29, 2002

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This is London has dredged up this year-old story for a nice, pat little headline, and it’s one of the most irresponsible things we’ve seen. The article is referring to an incident many of you will remember from last year, when a girl showed up to Dan’s first appearance on TRL (which was in November in New York City, brr) wearing nothing but a Harry Potter towel, a bathing suit, and a sign that said “Nothing gets between me and my Harry Potter!” The girl, Candace, was then brought up to the set to meet Daniel. It was…unorthodox…but the girl did not then start following Daniel around wearing said towel. It was a gag, and then it was over – she is not stalking him, as this ridiculous headline would have you believe. They actually met once more, after Dan’s appearance on the Letterman show, and she was dressed. As far as we know that was her last appearance – Daniel does not have a nude stalker, and we’re sure he never even said so, as the article would have you believe. He has a couple of very…interesting…fans, that’s all. Never say a Harry Potter fan isn’t creative.

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