Christopher Lee Denies Rumors

Oct 31, 2002

Posted by: Melissa Anelli


This statement was released on Christopher Lee’s official web site:

This is what Mr Lee has said just minutes ago, quoted word for word.

“In view of the ever increasing speculation about the possibility of me playing Dumbledore in the next Harry Potter film, I wish to make it totally clear that at no time have I ever been approached to play this part.

The quote in some newspapers “That I was approached 3 years ago and turned it down” is completely untrue.

The situation has never arisen and in view of the fact that Richard Harris has only been dead for a few days, it would be inappropriate and distasteful for me to make any further comment”

Thanks to Dark Horizons for this bit:

Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban: Christopher Lee has released both a statement and an explanation on his official site about rumours he’ll replace Richard Harris as Dumbledore. Yesterday they released this statement “Mr. Lee has not received official confirmation from Warner Bros., and until then, we cannot confirm or comment any further. Obviously, it would be wonderful news, and Mr. Lee is overwhelmed, but for the time being, nothing is certain”. However that lead to even more speculation prompting this response: “At no time we have said that Mr Lee was cast in the film. Is he being considered? Yes, he is. Has he been asked? That is a question that Mr Lee will not answer until there is a firm offer, there is such thing as confidentiality between actors and producers. Would he accept the role if asked? That would depend on Mr Lee’s current schedule and future career plans. Remember that he is already cast in five films for next year and he could not psychically be in all of them”. Lee however isn’t the only one on the consideration list, so is Harris’ stand-in for the first two films – Harry Robinson.

As we said – this is all too soon. Whoever is going to step in has big shoes to fill – and we don’t think it’s a decision that’s going to be made lightly, or quickly.

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