Fixed nitpicks

Nov 18, 2002

Posted by Melissa Anelli

Okay. I’ve fixed my weirded out nitpicks to take out things that weren’t even in the film… I’ve also added one or two, including a bit about one of Lucius’ final words in the film. Some countries still don’t have the movie, so I won’t reveal what it was or whether I liked it. I do have a feeling it’s going to spark some debate as I think I’m in the minority opinion here, so get the e-mail clients ready. Go to the page to be spoiled.

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Avatar ImageSmitch says: This must have been about Azkaban? I loved it! I hope other fans come around throughout the years as they realize the brilliance of this film adaptation. I know it was "inaccurate", and yeah, that bothered me as a hard core fan of the novel series, but, I thought this segment was beautifully portrayed, and really brought us into the darkness in the most quirky and unsettling way. Perfect! Avatar ImageSmitch says: And um, if Jo loved it, and if Melissa loved it, you know it shall be loved! Hahah.

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