Free Dobby?

Nov 22, 2002

Posted by: Melissa Anelli | Comments


We just got this in – apparently, there’s going to be a “Free Dobby” rally on Fountain Square in Downtown Cincinnati on November 26 (Tuesday) – our reports say it will take place behind the glass wall of the WKRC-TV morning news show, and ralliers are planning on coming out with signs insisting on the ethical treatment of house-elves, which we’re sure would be much to Hermione’s liking. Listen to the local radio stataion WVMX-FM for more details – they might even have a live broadcast. Listeners can come down and free the house-elves by donating coats to the station’s affiliated charity for kids. Stay tuned for more details – according to the e-mails we’re getting, there’s a wave of house-elf sympathy sweeping the nation…expect more soon…

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