Daniel’s Stage Debut

Nov 26, 2002

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One of our UK-based readers sent us the following report on her parents’ visit to “That Play That I Wrote” this past weekend.

For those outside the UK, the play is based on a 60s Morecambe & Wise show. Morecambe and Wise were comedians and hit TV shows. On the TV shows they always had special guests and they made them do silly things. Kenneth Branagh is a huge fan.

The play has two comedians doign Morecambe and Wise sketches and has a guest star every performance; for example Minnie Driver and Kylie Minogue have appeared. In a skit about the French revolution, Daniel came on dressed as a french aristocrat and cried ‘Expelliarmus’ The skit had the comedians trying to help Daniel escape the guillotine – a bit like the story of the Scarlet Pimpernel. He was dressed up as Madame Pompadour in the images we’ve seen where he’s in the huge crinoline, big white curly wig and make up – a disguise to smuggle him out of France. It ended with Daniel having his head cut off and them saying that they had killed Harry Potter, there were a lot of references to Harry Potter throughout the sketch, and that they had ruined his reputation as an actor. Apparently it was very funny and Daniel played along.

Daniel came back at the end of the play in his dressing gown and tore a strip off the lead actors for making him look stupid. He got rounds of applause from the adult audience – there were only two children there, who may have been tipped off ahead of time.

Radio 2 reports that this was Daniel’s professional stage debut.

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