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Nov 26, 2002

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Sweeping the nation, I tell ya – theaters are getting involved – donate clothes and free house elves around the world! A source sent us this bit about the movement:

It seems the blockbuster hit film Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets has inspired a grassroots movement! Fans of the film have found the character of Dobby, the beleaguered house-elf, so endearing that they have taken up a “cause” on his behalf. In the movie, Dobby can only be freed from a lifetime of indentured servitude if his malevolent master, Lucius Malfoy, gives him an article of clothing. Amid chants of “Free Dobby,” Dobby fans around the world have begun donning homemade “Free Dobby” t-shirts and brandishing signs calling for Dobby’s release. Some are even organizing rallies to spread their message to those unaware of Dobby’s plight. In addition, numerous movie theaters are supporting the cause by offering patrons “Free Dobby” t-shirts in exchange for socks and other new (or nearly-new) articles of clothing, which will be donated to homeless shelters in Dobby’s name. Not only has Dobby proven to be a cinematic hero by helping young wizard Harry Potter thwart evil, but his unselfish efforts have inspired fans to help those in need in the real world. Free Dobby indeed!

Expect more soon – I think I’ve got something official lying around somewhere… Spread the word, in the meantime!

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