Dumbledore is… (plus birthday wishes to our Managing Editor)

Dec 27, 2002

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The Sun reports that WB is going to announce next week that Sir Ian McKellan is going to play Dumbledore. We’re actually not sure how seriously to take this article, as it also says:

The shock casting may put the actor up against himself in both fantasy adventure box office rivals.

That makes no sense, as the next HP movie isn’t set to come out until Summer, 2004, whereas Return of the King is set to come out in December 2003, which would make it very difficult for the films to be true rivals at the box office.

On an unrelated note, we try not to delve far into the “personal” realm here on TLC, but as today is managing editor Melissa A’s birthday, we wanted to wish her a very happy day – and if you want to post birthday greetings, visit our TLC LiveJournal and post a comment.

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