Wow….(breakin’ the rules).

Dec 27, 2002

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Yeah, this has nothing to do with Harry Potter. But it’s my birthday so I’ll break the rules if I want to, HAH!

I just wanted to come on and say thanks for all the wonderful birthday messages – really, you’re all fantastic for giving me so many good wishes. I feel warm and loved today, how everyone should feel on their birthday. Thanks Heidi, you complete nut, for setting that up (she said she was gonig to say something, not do THAT…). Oh, how special. Is it strange of me to think that after this auction effort the people who work on the site and the readers have a special relationship? I don’t think it’s strange to say that at all. Have a wonderful day everyone, and thanks for making mine so special! (And now I’m home from work and off to celebrate!)

Finding Hogwarts

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