NPR archive link and auction radio interview

Dec 30, 2002

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If you missed the NPR segment about fanfiction, you can catch it here – it includes our editor Megan calling herself a dork (which in this edtior’s opinion makes it not-to-be-missed. :) Seriously, it describes the world of fanfiction really well – here’s Megan’s quotage about what inspires people to write HP-verse fanfic:

[J.K. Rowling] herself has said that she has boxes and notebooks and folders filled with information that we’ll never see in the books. That just strikes everybody’s imagination and gets their curiosity going…you get curious like that and you get a computer in front of you, or a pen, and you’re doomed.

Really excellent piece. In other news, a while back Cristin sent us an MP3 of the interview I did with Spin1038 for the auction and I keep forgetting to link to it – download it here if you like. Once the holidays are over we will fill in all the rest of our auction coverage (donor lists, etc.), so stay tuned.

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