Book V publication rumours

Jan 08, 2003

Posted by: Melissa Anelli


UKHarryPotter reports that an official notice has been sent to bookstores stating the book will be available between February and May of this year. We would love if this were true but a few things point opposite ways:

  • We have not yet heard from Bloomsbury. Getting anyone’s hopes up this way would be very irresponsible had Bloomsbury not a manuscript in their hands, and they’ve shown no signs of being so irresponsible, especially when so much money is concerned. And when Bloomsbury has a manuscript in their hands, we’re going to know on a grand scale, as soon as they mean us to. A date will come from Bloomsbury.
  • Word that the book is with Bloomsbury and awaiting the setting of a publication date is another matter, and as that confirmation has to come from JKR herself or at least her people, your guess as to who it goes to first.
  • JKR is pregnant. Without meaning any disrespect, that’s got to be slowing things down, and for good reason. The four-month wait post-submission may well be extended by delivery and early care for her new (and we dearly hope healthy) baby. The four-month wait is very conservative – and if the book was handed in tomorrow it would mean early May publication at the earliest, without extended time due to maternal issues.
  • As we reported on 12/21, Scholastic recently announced that they expect the book for their 2004 fiscal year, which starts on June 1, 2003 – the day after May ends. If there’s one thing they’re not going to fool with it’s their financial planning, so that’s a reliable source.

Sorry to be a damp rag, and I hope I’m wrong, but we probably won’t see this book until summer. (Boo.)

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