David Thewlis talks Lupin (Lucas?)

May 30, 2003

Posted by: Melissa Anelli


Thanks to HPANA for pointing us to this this interview with David Thewlis, who talks about playiing Professor Lucas in PoA. (No comment! None at all! 🙂

“Two weeks ago I was in a pink leotard being smeared with Nivea by three old men.” Just for fun, or did this have anything to do with the film? “I was having a bodycast made. I’m playing Professor Lucas in the next Harry Potter film. It’s a great thing to do after this, because I know it’ll get seen and I’ve got loads of kiddie friends. If you say, ‘You’ll never guess what I’m doing,’ and tell them, they start screaming. And then you tell them, ‘You can come to the set and meet Harry Potter,’ and they get short of breath. It’s worth it just for that.”

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