Discussion: Harry Potter and Higher Education

Jul 22, 2003

Posted by: Melissa Anelli | Comments


A group of fans is working on a presentation for a national higher education conference on what Harry Potter teaches about administrators in
institutions of learning. I thought this sounded interesting and figured I’d solicit some other references beyond what they’ve already suggested (the most obvious being NOT turning into

  • Students having all the information they need (i.e. Dumbledore’s OotP Speech).
  • Umbridge’s punnishments, speeches on school being different from real life, rules being there for the students’ safety
  • Hermione freaking out in PoA from too much studying
  • Hannah Abbott needing a “calming draft” for breaking down in Herbology due to the upcoming OWLs.

Post your suggestions in our comments section. Be sure to reference Books, Chapters and Page numbers if you can.

Finding Hogwarts

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