Dark Mark Rumor Sheet

Oct 12, 2003

Posted by: Melissa Anelli | Comments


Dark Mark has put up a number of rumors this afternoon about the PoA movie and the sixth book. We are still looking for confirmation or denial of these rumors, so hold off on believing everything in there yet.
I will say that some of it sounds like it may have merit, some of it sounds instantly debunkable, and the stuff about book six (“JK publicly said “Harry sustains a minimal but lasting injury in this book.” It is also reported to be roughly just under the length of GoF and will most likely be done by early January. (The first draft.).“) is COMPLETE news to us – we’ve heard nothing about JKR making any sort of public statement whatsoever. We’re fairly sure that would have been reported elsewhere, but again, will let you know.

Also: The first item on the sheet claims the movie is not, indeed, sexed up, and follows the books’ relationships without adding any. Well…right. Everyone I mentioned the ‘sexed up’ rumor to cracked up. It sticks to the book – and even the original tabloid report wasn’t claiming added romances, just pumping up of the Ron/Hermione flirtation. Suffice it to say what’s in the movie will have been in the book.

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