Rickman at Theatre Festival

Oct 20, 2003

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“Rickfan” writes to tell us that he attended the UK’s Bowness Film Theatre festival this past weekend, where Alan Rickman introduced three of his movies, and gave a brief interview. Click on the link below to see his summary of the interview.

Paul Allen, the interviewer, went into detail about how Snape was in no way the villain he appeared to be to the children, and was really a person who acted in their best interests. Alan paused and smiled enigmatically, then said that he wasn’t going to say anything about Snape. Many groans from the audience.
He was asked about acting with CGI, and described how difficult it is, acting to a blue screen, especially when filming the stands shots for the Quidditch matches. He explained how they are all seated as though watching the match, with a big board in front of them. Behind the camera are numbers in different positions, and when the director shouted No17 they would all look to where 17 was on the board, then No5 and so on, so that it would look as if they were all following the “ball or whatever.” The audience chorused, “The Golden Snitch!” and he laughed and replied, “Yeah, that’s right!”

He blamed CGI for making the actors sit around all day eating sandwiches, so that his close fitting costume became very tight. He also said that the boggart in the wardrobe scene has been shot. He shot his first scene for POA in February, and his last one only last month.

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