PoA Trailer Released Tonight on Satellite 9:30pm EDT/2:30am GMT


Nov 12, 2003

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Warner Bros. Pictures announced that they will be sending the satellite feed containing the Harry Potter trailer in two feeds through London and Europe starting at 9:30pm EST/2:30am GMT today.

Those of you with AOL accounts should also keep an eye out as with the last two films, they released the trailer to members of the online service. If anyone comes across a URL, please send it our way – though we won’t say no to a hi-res encoding from the satellite transmission.

Feed One

Date: 13th November 2003

Time: 0230-0245 GMT

Feed Two

Date: 13th November 2003

Time: 1000-1015 GMT

London distribution:

Access Point in London: Tower via Ascent London (formally Tele-Cine) V733.

Trouble number: Ascent London +

Europe distribution:

Satellite: Eutelsat W2 @ 6 degrees East

Downlink Frequency: 11022.17H Symbol Rate: 5.6320 FEC: 3/4

Trouble number: Ascent London +

Finding Hogwarts

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