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Nov 18, 2003

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Uncategorized has up their review of the new book New Clues to Harry Potter Book V:
The structure of New Clues is straightforward – it analyzes each chapter of Order of the Phoenix in three sections: Frequently Asked Questions, Running Bits (clues derived from JK’s wordplay), and Hints. The analysis itself is based on the following four extremely helpful rules regarding JK’s writing:

If she reinforces it, she means it (and wants us to remember it).

If she suddenly interrupts something (and never finishes), she’s hiding a key clue!

There’s no such thing as a coincidence.

Don’t take a character’s word for it. Two charming corollaries to that last rule:
-Hermione is usually right (except when she gets emotional).
-Ron is usually wrong (except when he makes a joke about it).

Thanks to HPANA for the review!

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