Nov 19, 2003

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Get A Clue 2: TLC’s Second Annual Literacy Drive

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And now… get set for another mad whirlwind of a charity drive, because…


The official T-shirts of have been designed by the very talented Natalie McKeever in order to benefit Book Aid International. Click below to check out the design:

T-shirt: Front left side
T-shirt: Back

In an effort to keep costs low, Natalie has kept the design simple, and we have ditched the usual online formatting options in favor of a local T-shirt printer who can print the shirts for between $3 and $4; therefore, every shirt we sell will earn between $6 and $7 for literacy.

Buy Your Shirt!
(And do it fast! This drive will only last for 12 days!)

T-shirts are $10 (US) each, plus shipping and handling.

The T-shirts are 100% cotton, full-cut and pre-shrunk. They are available in children’s sizes 6-8 (small), 10-12 (medium) and 14-16 (large). They are also available in adult sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, and XXXL.

Follow these directions to get your shirts!

We hate to give you homework, but we’re asking you do to the math: for every shirt you buy, please calculate $10 per shirt, plus the appropriate shipping and handling charge per shirt.

In the US, please add $3.50 shipping and handling for each $10 shirt that you order (short version: include $13.50 per shirt, total, when you pay).

Outside the US, it’s a little trickier. You’ll need to calculate everything in US dollars first, then convert that amount to your denomination in order to know how much you owe. Therefore, there are two extra steps.

  • Find and Add Your Shipping Rate
    Consult this chart of per-country shipping costs, find the cost of shipping a T-shirt to your country, and add that amount to every $10 T-shirt you order.
  • Convert the Final US Dollar Amount into Your Denomination
    You may absolutely send us a payment in your denomination and leave the money-changing up to us, but your payment must be in the appropriate amount. To find that amount, please calculate the amount you owe in US dollars first, shipping and all, and then click here to convert that amount into your denomination. Once you are sure of the converted amount, you may send it to us in your own currency, and we will happily change it for you.

    (Note, if you choose PayPal as your method of payment, it will convert your money to US dollars for us – as long you start with Canadian Dollars, Euros, Pounds Sterling, or Yen. If you want to donate via PayPal and your country doesn’t use one of the denominations listed above, you can still donate using U.S. dollars, and your bank or credit card company will convert to your denomination as needed.)

  • Thank You. We know that there are simpler online ways to do this. But we would prefer to give as much money as possible to Book Aid International, rather than seeing a percentage of your donations disappear as “fees”. This way requires a bit of effort, but please know that you are circumventing fees and ultimately providing more books to those who need them. Thank you for bearing the spirit of the drive in mind and cheerfully doing your own calculations!

When you know how many shirts you want and have done the conversions and math, please fill out this order form.


Choose from one of the payment methods listed below.

  • PayPal: PayPal is a service that can send money to anyone with an email address. It is owned by eBay. You must have an account, but membership is free, and you can send money via credit card or by deducting from a checking account.
  • NOTE: Tonight (Thurs. night, Nov. 20) from midnight til 3am Pacific Time, PayPal will be closed for maintenance. So if you can’t get through to PayPal tonight, just try again tomorrow!

  • If you want to wire directly to Leaky Inc.’s checking account, please e-mail us for information.
  • Send money to Leaky Inc.’s P.O. Box:
    Leaky, Inc.
    P.O. Box 7308
    New York, NY 10150
  • Checks (made out to Leaky, Inc.) and Money Orders are accepted.
    Cash is also accepted, but if you send us cash, we cannot be responsible if it gets lost.

    IMPORTANT: No matter how you choose to pay, payments MUST be received by NOVEMBER 30th (So if you’re going to use snail mail, hurry!). We will be shipping the shirts on the weekend of December 6th, and must give the T-shirt printer one week’s notice in order to guarantee that we will have T-shirts to ship to you!

May I Donate More than the Cost of the T-Shirt?
Absolutely. At the time of your purchase, if you wish to make a donation above and beyond the cost of the T-shirts you have ordered, please do not hesitate.

Also, if you wish to donate less than $10, or if you wish to donate without receiving a T-shirt, please feel free to do so. Just like last year, every dollar to support literacy counts, and all money raised will go directly to Book Aid International.

I’m Not 18 Years Old Yet. Can I Buy a Shirt?
If you are under 18, we ask that you only participate if your parent(s) and/or guardian(s) consent. Parents or guardians can contact us with questions and concerns at [email protected] and someone WILL get back to them.

If you’re under 13, and you want to help, ask your parents to purchase on your behalf. We don’t want to collect any personally identifying information from kids under 13.

Other Ways You Can Help: Get The Word Out!
Send a copy of our press release to your local radio stations, newspapers and TV channels.
HTML Version; PDF Version; Doc. Version

Link here on your news sites, fan sites, personal sites, Live Journals, Blogs and groups (although if it’s not your site, it’s always a good idea to get the permission of the mods and admins first).

Post banners and buttons on your web site! (We will provide buttons as soon as possible.)

A Refresher Course on Leaky, Inc.:
With not-for-profit status, we can solicit contributions and donate as one. You may visit this website to look us up to ensure that we are indeed Leaky, Inc.

Thanks in Advance
Because now we really know you. Last year’s drive was an amazing experience. Let’s do it again.

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