Time Warner Loses Suit

Dec 18, 2003

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In Australia yesterday:
It was not the Ministry of Magic but the Federal Court that delivered a howler message to entertainment giant Time Warner yesterday.

Justice Murray Wilcox found that the company did not have a monopoly on the moniker Harry Potter, finding in favour of clothing chain Wombat, which devised the “harry potter” label nine years ago.

Wombat co-owner Clair Jennifer, said she came up with the harry potter name in 1994 (three years before the first Harry Potter book was published), thinking it was a good label for women’s wear. When she tried to register the trademark, she was told that, as it was also possible it could be a real person’s name, she would have to get it known before it could be registered.

Thanks, Alkari, for the link!

Finding Hogwarts

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