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Jul 09, 2003

Posted by KristinTLC

Richard Ouzounian of the Toronto Star talked to Richard Harris about his life and career in September 2001; when the interview was published, Ouzounian was told to “play up the Harry Potter angle and forget about the rest”. In his just published book, Ouzounian recounts the entire interview.
Harris, suddenly tired, looked at me. “There, I gave you the stuff about Harry Potter. That’s what the papers want. But try to use the rest of what I said as well.

“Because, you see, I don’t just want to be remembered for being in those bloody films, and I’m afraid that’s what going to happen to me.”

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I can understand his bitterness. After all the man’s career spanned more than 40 years and over 70 movies to his credit..That he will be cheifley remembered for these 2 kids movies..(great though they are) is a bit of an insult to a man from such an era. I hope he looked more favorably upon the HP movies before he died…A great actor that one…

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I don’t know why he sounds bitter about being remembered for his role in the Harry Potter films. They’re great films and many people acknowledge his performance as Professor Dumbledore as excellent (I do at least). I have no idea what other films he’s in, and I don’t think it’s a shame for him to be remembered for his role in these two movies (my favorites of the series).

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I definitely understand where he’s coming from. It reminds me of Alec Guinness and how he hated only being remembered as Obi Wan Kenobi. He was a fantastic Dumbledore, but an even better King Arthur.

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The Alec Guiness comparison sums it up nicely for me, Richard Harris was a wonderful actor whose worked spanned 5 decades and gave many outstanding performances. He was probably being drilled constantly by interviewers about his role in Harry Potter which would have annoyed him greatly at the time, especially considering he surely knew his time was coming.

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