Robbie Coltrane Interview Bit

Jan 28, 2004

Posted by: Melissa Anelli


Sci Fi Wire has posted a short portion of the text of the full interview that will appear in part two of TLC’s set report. At this interview he told a roundtable of reporters that he will be doing GoF (which wasn’t news) but that beyond that he’s unsure.
Also, a bit of a preview to ours: I asked about the fling-flang of rumors about what he knew/didn’t know about Hagrid’s future that led many people to believe, in the pre-OotP theory madness, that he knew Hagrid would die. He said the flurry of rumors were completely baseless and started irresponsibly, and that he has no idea about Hagrid’s future (exact quote coming soon). Sci Fi Wire used some of that answer:

“I know all sorts of things about his past that haven’t been discussed so far, which will be important…I mean, that’s all Jo told me. I said, ‘Well you can tell me everything about his past, which is important, even if it’s not expressed to everyone but me. Even if it’s irrelevant to everyone but me, because I think it is relevant if you’re going to be a character.’ So that’s all I know. I know stuff about his past that isn’t revealed. But I don’t know anything of the plot. I don’t want to, either. You know what I mean? I want the fun of finding out as much as anyone.”

Another quote in Sci Fi:

“Yes, [Hagrid’s] a professor [in PoA], which is quite funny…We had a lot of fun with that, because the kids are kind of enjoying the fact that Hagrid doesn’t quite know what he’s doing because he hasn’t done it before. So there’s a lot of things like, ‘How am I doing?’ And ‘You’d better do better.’ He’s not really quite sure what to do.”

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