The Letter Box’s Note from JKR

Feb 02, 2004

Posted by: Melissa Anelli


Some of you oldbies may remember the Letter Box project from last spring, where hundreds of (mostly older teen and adult) fans sent letters to JK Rowling in a gorgeous box, all through the organizational work of Ali Wildgoose. Today, the text of JKR’s letter to all of us whose letters were in that box was posted on the project’s LiveJournal. In it, she expressed her gratitude for the letters, the wishes on the birth of her son, David, and the packaging, and said:

David is indeed the main reason that i am horrendously behind on my correspondence. Well – David and book 6 which (before the press start up again with the writer’s block stories) is flowing like a mountain stream.

So that’s good news, and good wishes, all in one.

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