Harry Potter Books Found in Madrid Rubble

Mar 14, 2004

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We’ve got a bit of sad news, as reported to us by ExpresoHogwarts.com: Among the destruction following the 3/11 bombings in Madrid were parts of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, presumably left by riders of the trains who were injured in the attacks.
Asked to describe the scene in an interview with Spanish newspaper La Razon, Juan Orellana, assistant director fire chief of the city council of Madrid, said the following, as translated by Pablo from ExpresoHogwarts: ( due to the mildly graphic nature of this quote, you need to click the link below to read it. Thanks.)

“We knew that there were explosions. …. [there were] around 30 or 40 corpses in each station. It was horrible. Many of corpses were seated, as if sleeping. Others remained with the earpieces of discman in position. There were notes and books of Harry Potter spread all places. The majority of victims were also young people or workers who didn’t have any fault. Frightening.”

HP5 was released just a few weeks ago in Spain.

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