Chris Columbus Impressed by Cuaron


Apr 05, 2004

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Producer and Director Chris Columbus tells SCIFI Wire that he was impressed by POA director Alfonso Cuaron. Columbus, having seen Prisoner of Azkaban three times already, praises certain sequences. Says Columbus: “In Azkaban, that kind of scene for me is the first attack on the train by the Dementors. It’s such a beautifully directed scene that Alfonso has done. I remember that scene immensely. And there’s also Harry’s (Daniel Radcliffe) first ride on the hippogryph, which is just magical and poetic. Those are the two scenes that really stick with me. I keep thinking about those scenes constantly and [also about] how proud I am to be involved in them, but mostly how wonderful a job Alfonso has done as a director.” Thanks Thorin!

Finding Hogwarts

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